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However a defiant Chloe responded: 'This is what you call a real girl; that's a real woman's bum.'In a bid to put John at ease, she added: 'It's just been washed,' causing John to reply: 'I appreciate that.'Twitter was quickly awash with complaints to the Celebrity Big Brother account, with many calling for her to be removed from the Channel 5 show.User Elaine said: 'If a man did that they would be removed should be no different for her she's vile.'A fan account for the Jedward star added: 'If #CBB don't do anything about it then John could actually press charges!

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It said: “Consumer has said that he is upset with the lack of information given by directory enquiries as they didn’t advise him of what the connection costs would be and the charge to call them.” David Hickson, of the Fair Telecoms Campaign, said: “The most widely used directory enquiries services, including 118 118, cost far more to call than a sex chat line.

Reality TV star Chloe Ferry has been blasted by fans of Celebrity Big Brother after she rubbed her bare behind on another housemate.

A semi-naked Chloe approached a kneeling John Grimes - member of pop duo Jedward - from behind and rubbed her bottom on his upper back.

Other firms have also ramped up prices in an industry which still gets millions of calls each year.

Amanda Waring, a campaigner for the elderly, said they were fleecing vulnerable people who do not get numbers from the internet.

Police say the teen and Moseley met at a bar in Surf City called JM’s Place. Moseley is also a student at East Carolina University.

Police say the 14-year-old’s mother became aware of the relationship and contacted Pender County Department of Social Services, who then referred the case to police.If the owner doesn’t show up or doesn’t do anything, call animal control.If animal control can’t come immediately, call 911.It’s almost financial abuse.” The most popular directory enquiry line 118 118 put up prices on Bank Holiday Monday to an £8.98 minimum for 60 seconds.That is nearly 22 times higher than the 40p it cost to call 192 in 2003 when 118 numbers were brought in to increase competition and lower prices.She said: “The frail and elderly will use these numbers.