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What to Do When You're Not Wearing Anything—the A bath involving nudity, vodka, and lots of sweat may seem unusual to the uninitiated, but in Russia it was the original pub, a place where the classes could mix, shorn of the ultimate signifier of status (then as now): clothing. Lawrence Mc Donnell, the American head of Pravda PR and former Moscow resident, has his office across the street from the Sandunovsky Banya, where Russia's elite go to schvitz, and Bentleys are a constant presence out front.

The others will be more casually arranged, but generally you will not be addressed directly by someone who outranks you.Irregular Hours: Don't be surprised if some of your meetings get pushed back well past business hours.Olsson remembers one meeting that was scheduled at nearly midnight—not in a restaurant but in an office building full of secretaries and security guards.That's what the towels are for—not for covering yourself; sitting on the bare wood is considered unsanitary.** 4.Usually there'll be two levels of benches.** Don't sit on the lower level—it's just for resting the feet.** 5.Russia and Europe can feel like continents separated by a common lineage: Modern Moscow can feel like London but also Dubai, St.

Petersburg is Paris with a little Mumbai thrown in, and the vast frontier can feel like the Far East (because part of it is).And as a conversation topic, Turkey usually trumps Cancún. A Cornucopia of Caffeine: The array of available coffees and teas has increased exponentially at business meetings lately.A secretary will come around and ask you what you'd prefer.2.But if you're doing serious business in the city, Sandunovsky will be a place to celebrate with your new colleagues—and maybe even hash out a few details. There'll be a large anteroom where , with breaks at the tables in between.2.Slippers and felt caps will be available for rent or purchase.The disorientation has less to do with architecture than with the little tics of dress and behavior—an effusive toast, a brusque rebuke, an offhand remark, or an exotic spice that lets you know you're not in Denmark anymore.