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This page contains the full text of Mississippi State's Sexual Misconduct Policy (OP 3.04).

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To learn more about mandatory reporting, take a look at a short instructional video found here.The FAQ will explain your options for reporting sexual misconduct or seeking confidential assistance.It also explains our policies for investigating and adjudicating sexual misconduct matters. You can contact me directly at [email protected] (662) 325-8124.At Mississippi State, we are committed to ensuring an educational environment free from discrimination on the basis of sex or gender.This means we take all forms of sexual violence and other misconduct very seriously, and place particular emphasis on responding effectively to the nationwide problem of sexual assault.Simply put, Title IX is not going away; its enforcement is critical to the safety and well-being of Ole Miss students.

Future guidance from the federal government is unknown—the interpretation of Title IX may become more or less prescriptive; we pledge to advocate for the best outcome for our community and respond to any change with a focus on what is best for our students.This means that MSU’s educational programs and activities must be free from sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and other forms of sexual misconduct.If you or someone you know has experienced sex discrimination, sexual violence and/or harassment by any member of the university community, you are encouraged to report the conduct to MSU’s Director of Title IX/EEO Programs at 325-8124 or by e-mail to [email protected] Additionally, faculty may choose to notify students of their mandatory reporter status via a statement in the course syllabus. OCI recommends the following language: As the instructor for this course, I have a mandatory duty to report to the university any information I receive about possible sexual misconduct.For employees, Haven is accessed via a link in the upper right hand corner of your Office my State page.If you have questions about Haven, please contact us at [email protected], our office works in tandem with others to provide face-to-face training to groups throughout the university.