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The city is divided in to 16 delegaciones (boroughs) and who knows how many hundreds of colonias (neighborhoods). Queer people here enjoy a whole host of important rights: same-sex marriage is legal in D.

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Mezcal is a smokey liquor made from the maguey plant (it’s like tequila). There you will find Mexico City’s gay cantina, El Viena (República de Cuba 2).They have a nice balcony on the second floor that overlooks Amberes street, where you can go for some fresh air or a cigarette.Though it’s mostly men, there are always other women there.Coyoacán, the former home of Frida Kahlo, which used to be its own town and now is one of the quieter, more idyllic parts of the city.Zona Rosa is a strange mix of gay clubs, sex shops, and fast food stores, frequented both by queers and by the business people who work on nearby Reforma.I moved to Mexico City a year and a half ago to teach English after I graduated from college. It’s located in the Valley of Mexico, on top of what used to be a large lake, surrounded by mountains. Mexico City is, in many ways, the gay capital of Mexico (the other competitor for this title is Guadalajara, but I’ve never been there, so I can’t say).

I’m originally from Illinois, so I definitely have an outsider’s perspective on the city; but I also love it here, and I’m so excited to tell you all about how wonderful it is. Sometimes, depending on where you are in the city/ how bad the pollution is, you can even see the mountains! It’s large and cosmopolitan, which tends to ensure that people will be open-minded.

Of the mixed bars, I like Lollipop (Amberes 14) best.

This is your classically generic gay bar with three floors and lots of people dancing to electronic/pop music.

On Thursdays, Lipstick (Amberes 1) has lesbian night, with no cover for women before .

Lipstick is an upscale-type place, with a fancy staircase leading upstairs to multiple rooms with some seating and chandeliers and big windows.

The pulquería is kind of kitschy and fun to take people to, though the loud music makes it difficult to have a conversation.