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Multiple new characters are briefly introduced from the “Marvel Cosmic Universe” (Marvel Studios evidently having decided that one universe is no longer enough), including one played by Sly Stallone.(Alas, he and Russell never appear onscreen together to catch up on what they’ve been up to since .) And director James Gunn keeps things moving with the aid of the aforementioned soundtrack, which also features “My Sweet Lord,” “Bring It On Home to Me,” and fight sequences scored, improbably, to both “Come a Little Bit Closer” and “The Chain.”It’s all enough to make one forgive—if not quite forget—the movie’s ponderous midsection and all its familial melodramas.

This time out, though, we’re offered meditations on fathers and sons (real and adopted: Michael Rooker’s Yondu, who raised Quill, is heavily featured) as well as on sisters (Karen Gillan’s Nebula makes a reappearance).Schlautman is The World-Herald’s Nebraska high school girls athlete of the year.She was the libero on an undefeated, nationally ranked volleyball team, the point guard on a winning basketball team and the leading scorer on the Class B state championship soccer team. Or perhaps I should put quote marks around that: “action sequence.” Because for most of its duration, the action is strictly an afterthought. Blue Sky” bursts forth in all its giddy, meteorological splendor.The titular supergroup has been enlisted to defeat a giant star-squid, and its smallest member, Baby Groot (the twig-like offshoot of last installment’s arboreal giant), is hooking up some equipment in the foreground as the fight commences behind him. As Baby Groot’s companions battle the tentacular horror in the background, we’re treated to the delightful spectacle of the mini-veggie juking his way through the opening credits.Joining them on the first team are Sarah Swanson of Elkhorn South, Jaela Zimmerman of Malcolm, Elise Baumann of Millard North, Fallon Stutheit of Johnson-Broc…

No two running backs have been more dazzling in the playoffs — this year or any year — than Jaylin Bradley of Bellevue West and Moses Bryant of Elkhorn South.Three linemen, two superstar skill talents and one top national prospect who can live in the line and skill universes — not to mention throwing a shot put a half-mile.The 2017 World-Herald Super Six wasn’t among the hardest to pick, but it’s easily among the best in recent years.This is especially true near the end, when Quill, whose beloved Walkman has been destroyed, hits play on his new state-of-the-art Zune, and the chords of Cat Stevens’s “Father and Son” spring to life.Quill shares an earbud with Baby Groot, we watch the latter’s curiosity turn into wonder, and all is right in the universe again.It may seem a strange complaint, but one of the drawbacks of the sequel is that it has a plot at all.

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