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Mr Osborne successfully claimed £112.70 for repairing his Aga in the following financial year.

And it has prov'd an effectual Means to drive Beggars out of the Town, notwithstanding the People in this House are lodg'd and dieted in so commodious a Manner as they are. THAT the Master shall keep a Book, and Register the Names of all the Poor that are maintained in the House, and that no Monies be brought to an Account but for such as are so Registered ; and that a daily Account of the Expence of Provisions be brought to a Weekly, and then to a Monthly Account, to be perused in the Vestry. that shall be furnished for the Use of the Poor, shall be view'd by the Churchwardens and Overseers, and by the Gentlemen of the Committee, or any three of them that shall be appointed to inspect the Affairs of the House, and that no Repairs be done to the said House, but what is actually approved of by the Committee.Moreover, I never intended my claim to be for more than a portion (around 50 per cent) of the roof repairs alone.This seemed to me - and seems to me - reasonable.' Having already claimed up to £1,794 a month on mortgage interest, £225 for jet washing the side of his house and £3.20 for a brass lamp holder, Mr Osborne's request that the taxpayer foot his £654.91 home insurance bill pushed him over the limit.The papers show that the Tory leader was caught out in September 2008 by the new rules requiring receipts for claims over £25, as his £194 claim for a utility bill was deducted because he had not supplied supporting documentation. It meant they claimed £19,300 in mortgage interest under ACA in 2008/09, along with £1,889.73 in council tax, £900 for electricity, £299.40 for an alarm system, £364 for water bills and £926.10 in home insurance - a total of £23,679.23.Each claim for ACA includes a signed statement from the MPs confirming that spending was 'wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred to enable you to stay overnight away from your only or main home for the purpose of performing your parliamentary duties'.Letters sent to Commons officials revealed the designer item by Studio Levien, which is advertised as 'the ultimate in freestanding luxury bathing', was bought to replace Mr Cohen's hot tub, which sat 'in a marble tiled surround' but had become 'unhygienic'.

But as the expenses scandal broke three months later, with its embarrassing revelations over MPs claiming for duck houses and moats, he rushed to clarify to officials that he had never wanted the money for the bell tower.Government ministers in the Lords are not entitled to living expenses on top of their ministerial salaries.But Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, who is in charge of the Royal Mail, claimed £201 for stamps.Mr Davies, a former Tory MP who defected to Labour, was far from alone in undermining his new party's class war.Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward - another defector and the richest man in the Commons - used a firm of accountants who specialise in 'amassing wealth' to submit claims including £21,417 for maintaining one of his homes.And Laurence Robertson, the Shadow Northern Ireland Minister, claimed exactly £1 below the maximum £400 a month that MPs can claim for food without any receipt for 11 months of the financial year 2008 to 2009.