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Instead you might like to visit Ksiaz Castle and Landscape Park, which is best known for its stunning Rococo architecture.

The square is still now very much at the heart of Krakow local life.We take in all the main sites including the 17th century rust red Royal Castle and the Lazienki Palace or 'Palace on the Water' with its attractive architecture and lush gardens.There are several options for the afternoon; Warsaw has plenty to keep you occupied if you wish to continue exploring independently.This morning we head out on foot to explore the Old Town district.With cobblestone streets, historic squares and gothic churches, it's easy to understand why the Old Town is top of every visitor's 'must see' list.More than 120 bridges link the islands which are adorned with delightful buildings reflecting the city's past.

You'll see Bohemian, Hungarian, Austrian, Prussian and German influences as the city has been coveted by all of these empires throughout its long history.Alternatively, you can visit Wilanow Palace, a splendid 17th century palace often referred to as the 'Polish Versailles', or the fascinating Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which was voted as the European Museum of the Year in 2016.The morning train takes us to the 'Venice of Poland', Wroclaw, a charming old city built on 12 islands surrounded by canals and rivers.Arrive in Warsaw-Chopin Aiport and then check-in to our hotel.Poland's capital is a wonderfully dynamic and modern city, but reminders of its turbulent history are easy to uncover.Whilst here you might like to visit the 13th century Augustine monastery and library which houses many old books and globes and is known for its whispering gallery and unusual acoustics.

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