Server hosting videochat

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Server hosting videochat - validating ze drying

On regular http requests it's not an issue if host does not respond for 1-3s but for rtmp live streaming it's a big issue because of dropped frames and live latency.Live video streaming and interactions it's a premium feature that usually requires a dedicated server.

Multiple reseller accounts are usually hosted on a VPS or dedicated server and have less resources and priority than a VPS.

Usually reseller hosting providers don't include rtmp hosting due to management and resource allocation hassle.

Cloud instances are similar to VPS and have similar limitations (there are multiple instances on a server and each one can grow and occupy available free resources).

To host hundreds or thousands of streams simultaneously, servers with 1000Mbps connection and at least 8 Gb RAM are required (16-32Gb recommened if hosting both web and rtmp).

It's important to have the server in a reputable data center with high connectivity so all your users can connect to the server at good speed, from their different networks and providers.

Number of streams consumed for each user connected to server depends on communication logic. If there are 2 way private video chat rooms where each user sees 1 other video and transmits 1 video, 2 streams per user will be required.

If there are video conference rooms where each user transmits 1 video and sees other 3 videos, 4 streams per user will be required.

That's how budget shared plans start from few dollars when a server costs hundreds per month and budget hosting companies still make profit.

All accounts on a server share same physical resources (disk, memory, CPU, connection) and often when others use the server there is latency or huge slow down because of resource bottle necks.

For most integrations that involve video recording and archiving, HTTP and RTMP must be hosted on same physical server so web scripts have access to the video files saved by rtmp server for management and conversion.

The hardware configuration depends very much on the number of website members and visitors and also on website settings and target, so we cannot give you exact requirements.

The most important feature for video streaming is rtmp server connectivity.