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The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities described.***** Seth was the most sort after males in the whole of Clement High.

In the ’90s, AOL was the king of online chat rooms.Mary Lu, the head cheerleader was a very busty, blond with great long slender legs that had a reputation of having opened them forever member of the team.She made no secret of her desire to once again have Seth's cock in her hot little pussy. "Bull shit, this is the age of women liberation and I can invite him if I want to." retorted Nancy. Meanwhile, Zoe finished up the signs they were working on and took the box of paints back to the art room.However, Nancy Smith had her own plans, "I plan on inviting Seth to the prom! As she turned and walked through the nearly empty building toward the art room she could still hear the other two squabbling over who was going to take Seth to the prom.Boy, would it be great to show up Mary Lu and her big tits, just once, though Zoe?Already named the outstanding player in two sports Seth was now working on track and baseball to finish out his senior year with a letter in all four.

The only real problem with Seth was that being as popular as he was, every girl in the school wanted him.

As she turned to come back out of the storage room Seth was still standing in the doorway. You see I have dated quite a few of the members of the squad, but this one is very special to me." Seth looked down at Zoe with a little boy look before continuing. I let people think that I did so that I would be popular, but now it seems to have backfired. " "Honest Zoe, When I came in her mouth it was great, but afterward I was so embarrassed and she was cackling like some old hen about how she took all of me into her mouth and never missed a drop. But when it came to the guys, Zoe was always left caring the equipment back to the school and fending off Steve the school weasel.

"I am afraid if I ask her, she will say no because of what the others have said." "What might that have been? Seth turned and walked over to one of the art tables and with the ease of a cat turned and plopped himself down on the edge, with his feet dangling over the edge. Now when I want to ask a truly nice girl out, I can't." "You mean that Mary Lu lied? She just embellished the truth." "Then what is the truth, Seth? Well, she want down on me and gave me head, and while she was doing that, I fingered her." "Mary Lu gave you a 'blow job'? Zoe was certainly not a homely girl, but she certainly wasn't as showy as the other squad members.

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Dear Reader: This story is a sexual fantasy and is strictly a work of fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment, but we all know that some of our neighbors and acquaintances are acting out these scenes in their real life every day.

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