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I followed the sea turtle for as long as it let me, absolutely ecstatic to be in its presence.

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My daughter has recently become obsessed with the Little Mermaid. “But it’s so cool,” my husband would reply, launching into stories about the time he’d been diving with sharks at night ( cool). I covered my mouthpiece and flopped into the turquoise water. Up to this point, I’d always liked scuba diving, but I never loved it.One thing that kept me going during dives when I worried about sharks was that I knew the majority (if not 99.9%) of all shark attacks happened from below.On the ocean floor I felt safe, but hovering on the surface I felt like perfect shark bait. Still…when we finally ascended all the way to the surface, I was being slow at getting my fins off and was the last one to get out of the water.My guide suddenly started motioning to me to look to my right, which I did and right next to me so close I could reach out and touch it (I didn’t) was a sea turtle half my size just hanging 10 next to me.It completely startled me, way more than the reef sharks I’d seen zipping along the wall had done up to this point. It is true that visibility could never really match the Red Sea, but on a good day you can have 15 meters viz!

For many divers cold water diving in Scandinavia is associated with dark and cold waters, with colours definitely not springing to mind. Sometimes also if you’re not paying real attention this might also be correct.Zipping and zigzagging its way over the coral reef in front of the wall. So worried about the fear of seeing one that I’d never let myself fully relax while diving, and now, right when I had my guard down, my first encounter with a shark in the depths of the ocean was happening. Each flip of its fin propelled it forward in a serious yet zippy manner. I gave him the ok sign with as much of a grin as I could muster behind my breathing apparatus. When we reached the surface, I excitedly began bubbling words to my guide. The highlight of this dive was getting up close and personal with a sea turtle.Instead, I felt awe and found myself kicking closer to it to get a better look. The shark moved quickly down the reef with its meticulous, powerful swimming before disappearing behind a large coral covered formation. (Sorry sharks, sea turtles will always have my heart.) Literally.We sing along to the songs and point out all the different under the sea animals, and when the scene with the shark comes along (who is trying to eat Ariel and Flounder) I make sure to point out that this shark might be a big meanie, but sharks are actually our friends. And each time I dove I worried “what if” a shark would appear suddenly. A shark actually taking a bite out of me, which I knew was extremely unlikely, and something I really only worried about on the surface, or me being afraid of the actual physical act of seeing one underwater. Before sliding off the side of the dive boat into Bora Bora’s famous lagoon, I double checked with my dive master. ” “Ah, no, not here,” he said in his French accent. I didn’t have the same passion for it that my husband and other friends had. Considering how much I had to conquer my fear of scuba diving in the first place to get certified, I felt this was reasonable.They were small shadows in the depths, though it was no mistaking they were sharks. That last minute being the only one in the water definitely heightened my adrenaline and I felt a low dose shot of “fight or flight” panic urging me to hurry up and get out of the water.