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The third story set in Paris combined "The Wheel" and "Don't Try to Find Me," about married New Yorker Roberto (Peter Weller) caught in a three-year relationship between his drunken wife Patricia (Fanny Ardant) and his Italian mistress Olga (Chiara Caselli) whom he met in a cafe.This was a groundbreaking compilation film about the distorted portrayal of gay men and lesbians on the big screen, from the earliest days of stereotypical representations to the present, illustrated by over 100 film clips.

Inevitably, although he was an outsider to the world of privilege, William fell in love with Alabaster's lovely, other-worldly, and enigmatic eldest daughter Eugenia (Patsy Kensit), drawn to her like a moth to light, although she was entirely in a different social stratus.

At the same time that Eugenia was withdrawing her affections, gentlemanly William partnered with his poor but talented artist/writer , a governess to the younger Alabaster children.

They worked together on an ant colony research project taking many months - she was much wittier and smarter than William's wife (causing Eugenia jealousy and dissatisfaction).

The films ranged from the earliest 'gay' and 'sissy' images in the silent era and early talkies, to Dietrich's cross-dressing in Morocco (1930), to Garbo's lesbian kiss in Queen Christina (1933), and through to more recent films such as Sunday, Bloody Sunday (1971), Cabaret (1972), Cruising (1980), Making Love (1982) and Philadelphia (1993).

This was another of the many Zalman King-produced, soft-core, sensually-filmed and soft-focused erotic dramas (previously he helmed Two Moon Junction (1988) and Wild Orchid (1989), and produced 9-1/2 Weeks (1986) and Siesta (1987)).

It was rated NC-17 for theatrical release, but then modified for an R-rated video release.

The film was loosely adapted from Anais Nin's post-humously published erotic novel, about an American writer of erotic novels abroad in 1940s Paris named Elena Martin (Audie England) who thoroughly researched her subject matter by exploring her sexuality, while narrating in monotonous voice-over.

William left to return to the Amazon, accompanied by Matty.

This multi-part drama (by elderly, speech-impaired 83 year-old master Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni with German/Dutch co-director Wim Wenders) was an artsy, erotic, puzzling and pretentious group of four interconnected vignettes or short stories (based on Antonioni's own book "That Bowling Alley on the Tiber").

[Note: There were clear parallels between the insect world and the Alabaster family - Lady Alabaster was the Ant Queen, while her children were her larval offspring.]The story's revelation by the conclusion involved the dark, hidden, and shocking sexually-transgressive secret of incest (an anagram of insect!

) between deceitful Eugenia and her perverted brother Edgar, who was also promiscuous with young female servants.

The film was most noted for Alyssa Milano (a former TV sitcom Who's the Boss? The film's tagline: "The innocence is over" could have as well applied to the 'good girl' image that was shed by Milano as a result of this film.

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