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Cordileone was at the forefront of efforts for a campaign to put a state constitutional amendment affirming traditional marriage on California’s Nov. That initiative — known as Proposition 8 — was approved for the ballot just days after the state Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in May.

The question about whether or not church organizations will be required to perform same-sex marriages — that’s still on the table.In the Church we would define it as the lifelong union of a man and woman of exclusive and lifelong fidelity for the purposes of the procreation and education of offspring and the mutual good of the spouses.The other idea is that marriage can mean whatever you want it to mean, and so there is no moral difference between the union of people of the same sex and of husband and wife — and anyone who thinks otherwise is a bigot.I think it would be a long shot myself, but the very influential gay newspaper the Washington Blade treated that in an article and said it would have to be worked out in a steady stream of court cases.I think it’s more conceivable that Church organizations that refuse to perform same-sex marriages would no longer be licensed by the state for marriages.So we affirm the human dignity of every human being.

OSV: The whole homosexuality and same-sex marriage issue is a tough one for a parish priest to tackle.OSV: If marriage is redefined, wouldn’t that just give homosexuals rights to marry without taking away anyone else’s rights?Bishop Cordileone: What does that mean in terms of the consequences for us in society?What advice would you give to a parish priest on how to address this in his parish?Bishop Cordileone: The advice I would give to priests is first of all to assure people of same-sex attraction that we love them, that we are not against them. But, rather, we love you so much that we are going to try to affirm you living in the way that God intended you to live; to affirm you in friendship, and especially try to encourage joining a support group.All we have to do is think about how, nowadays, the government and society treat people who are racist. There are laws about hate speech and that would be coming as well.

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