Rss feeds not updating in ie8

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Rss feeds not updating in ie8 - dating thessaloniki greece

It returns an array of post objects (where the posts are events), and this can be used to display events through editing your theme. If you find the calendar doesn’t appear this is usually caused by the theme you are using, and is verifiable by temporarily switching to the Twenty Eleven theme.The usual Word Press functions for display associated information (author, title etc) are still available to you, and the plug-in provides a similar set of functions to display event related data (dates, venues etc).

This shortcut improves performance while allowing the flip effect to work smoothly with any piece of markup regardless of images, backgrounds or CSS.Zilla, Magic ISO - Improved cleaning for 7-Zip, Daemon Tools, Windows Defender - Improved DOMStore cookie domain discovery and cleaning - Improved Uninstall tool scanning and uninstalling routines - Improved Registry Cleaner detection algorithm - Improved Start Up tool detection algorithm - Added multiple monitor support - Improved shortcut key accelerators - Improved search response when using wild cards - Added support for root registry keys in the exclude list - Added Kazakh language - Minor GUI improvements and fixes- Added Flash Player SOL setting file cleaning and management - Added Safari Icon history cleaning - Added cleaning for Windows Elevated Diagnostics - Added cleaning for Kantaris Media Player, KMPlayer, Orbit Downloader, Pando, Sandboxie and Snagit - Improved cleaning for XFire, Real Player, Windows Log Files, Macromedia Shockwave 10 and 11 - 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The new version is faster and even easier to use—simply call the flip animation through a j Query selector and the Quick Flip will flip the front panel to show its back.Only works with /AUTO - Added Shutdown option to system tray menu - Added support for Vista common dialogs - Fixed bug in Uninstaller Tool where some items were hidden - Fixed multi-monitor issue with dialogs - Fixed incompatibility with Windows Search 4.0 - Added seconds to filename when saving .Event Organiser adds event management that integrates well with your Word Press site.Antivirus and Win Patrol - Improved support for Quicktime Player, Ad-Aware and Anti Vir Desktop - Added support for Firefox based browser Pale Moon - Improved support for expanding environment variables %Program Files% and "%Common Program Files%" to both 32-bit and 64-bit folders - Added new environment variables: %Program Files32%, %Program Files64%, "%Common Program Files32%", "%Common Program Files64%" - Splitter bar is no longer misbehaving when cleaning is in progress - 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Added Recursive support to Custom folders in Include screen - Added support to specify multiple file types for Custom folders in Include screen and INI files - Improved how Language Resource DLLs are loaded into memory - Improved application detection algorithm - Improved internal communication between process threads - Improved file scanning when scanning system folders - Improved Windows 7 and IE8 support - Minor GUI text changes- Added support for custom locations for applications e.g.You can also add events in the Calendar view in a manner similiar to Google Calendar.

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