Rowupdating not called

11-Jul-2019 01:30 by 10 Comments

Rowupdating not called - dating confidence

If a row was changed by a direct API calling, it will not be updated.

Now what happens is if I try to update the ng Model in the ng Model Change method ,the state of checkbox is not changed even though the ng Model value is updated (since angular2 listens to events only and not to change in value of ng Model).

The checkbox updates itself and Angular doesn't see a change that would make it necessary to propagate back to the checkbox.

If you explicitly invoke change detection before the value is reset, then change detection kicks in (same with Yes that's absolutely correct that angular doesn't see any change and hence the state of checkbox is unaltered .

You may be wondering why would you want to force refresh, what is the point in refreshing a cell that has no changes?

The answer is to do with cells that don't show underlying data or depend on something other than just the underlying data.

The row marked as error will be highlighted in the grid.

And it will not be sent back to the server until one of the following events occurs: 1. Rows set back to the updated status through the set Updated command.

Current behavior If you try and update the ng Model of a checkbox in say ng Model Change method, the ng Model value is updated but the checkbox still remains in previous state.

Expected/desired behavior The state of checkbox should change as ng Model value changes.

Redraw rows is a much heavier operation than refreshing cells.

If refreshing cells meets your needs, then don't use redraw rows.

Click the checkbox a few times, expect the value [(ng Model)] is bound to and (change) to be in sync. and it's hard to 'just update to a newer version'-- it's not like they made the transition simple for a large application. I had created the Dynamic checbox According to dynamic value my checkbox shoule be checked ...