Router updating values from configuration document

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Router updating values from configuration document - dating game quizzes

For a simple self-signed certificate for a domain named # sudo openssl genrsa -out 2048 # # sudo openssl req -new -key -out \ -subj "/C=US/ST=CA/L=Mountain View/O=OS3/OU=Eng/CN= # # sudo openssl x509 -req -days 366 -in \ -signkey -out example-test.crt$ oc get route/my-service -o yaml api Version: v1 kind: Route metadata: name: my-service spec: host: kind: Service name: my-service tls: termination: edge key: | -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- [...] -----END PRIVATE KEY----- certificate: | -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- [...] -----END CERTIFICATE----- The Open Shift Enterprise router runs inside a container and the default behavior is to use the network stack of the host (i.e., the node where the router container runs).

For example: $ CA=/etc/origin/master $ oadm ca create-server-cert --signer-cert=$CA/\ --signer-key=$CA/--signer-serial=$CA/ca.\ --hostnames='*' \ --cert=--key=Currently, password protected key files are not supported.

have default resource requests that a node must satisfy for the router pod to be deployed.

In an effort to increase the reliability of infrastructure components, the default resource requests are used to increase the Qo S tier of the router pods above pods without resource requests.

When it is not known, the cluster administrator can provide it. The user can examine the route status to determine which, if any, routers have admitted the route, select a router from the list, and find the host name of the router to pass along to the network administrator.

status: ingress: conditions: last Transition Time: 2016-12-07TZ status: "True" type: Admitted host: router Canonical Hostname: rtr.router Name: myrouter wildcard Policy: None With the Open Shift Enterprise master(s) running the above configuration, the generated host name for the example of a route named no-route-hostname without a host name added to a namespace mynamespace would be: A TLS-enabled route that does not include a certificate uses the router’s default certificate instead.

Each router or shard in the group handles routes based on the selectors in the router.

An administrator can create shards over the whole cluster using These labels express the concepts: service level agreement, geographical location, hardware requirements, and department.If you followed the quick installation, then a default router was automatically created for you.The command creates the service and deployment configuration objects.When exposing a service, a user can use the same route from the DNS name that external users use to access the application.The network administrator of the external network must make sure the host name resolves to the name of a router that has admitted the route.Just about every form of communication between Open Shift Enterprise components is secured by TLS and uses various certificates and authentication methods.

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