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The doctor asked me why they want you dead cause they are trying to kill you. Now i am better thanks to a good doctor and the fact that my sisters dead lawyers wife Alica Olmyer told us everything about how her husband had my father lock me up and how his friend Dr.

Ricky lived in Eden iles whose canals conect to the canals behind MIchoud facillity.

Bernard parish,where all her witnesses and the witnesses to George's murder and my wife's witnesses all from St. Phillip would also show up at the very jail my sisters put in OPP ,this was to keep an eye on her to make sure what he and his friends did would stick.

later i let Scurria know that i knew what he did , it wasn't long before he had gotten control over my doctors that i was seeing soon the doctors that were going to let me go disappeared and i was accosted by a new doctor who said if i quit the medication i would die.

now i move better think better and have many professionals behind me and friends world wide.

Other witnesses are Terry Peyroux and Ricky Coronia the person hired by mafia and MC Donald s owner from St.

People that were at the murder of my daughter said how they held her down and put morphine up her rectum to kill her and then Lance Burton raped her dead body and they all went out to eat pizza and stole all her things this all done with the help of law enforcement to kill my daughter cause like all the others they kill she didn't want to be like them and nor did i.

you can in the full autopsy see see put up a fight.I knew that was a lie and the next crazy shit out of her mouth i got up out of there.I had been warned that they were not reporting my blood work and that's why i was in the emergency room every week with kidney pains sores under my arms.For this choice that they have made the doom themselves and our country ..The witnesses to this murder are paid or scarred or both they are addicts and weirdos ,my first experienced with what is now called a crisis actor.Because i know of Phillips Scurria's involvement in George Fleming's.s murder This is from the first attack on me in New Orleans , By people that worked for my uncles and the dirty cops they had in New Orleans.