Reverse dns entries not updating

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Reverse dns entries not updating - Free sex chat lines with no credit card

As such it provides excellent - if complex to configure - functionality.The down side of generality is suboptimal performance on any single function - in particular caching involves a non-trivial performance overhead.

If the caching server (resolver) obtains its data directly from a zone master it will respond as 'authoritative', if the data is supplied from its cache the response is 'non-authoritative'.Assuming NOTIFY is allowed in the master DNS for the zone (the default behaviour) then zone changes are propagated to all the servers defined with NS Records in the zone file.Other acceptable NOTIFY sources can be defined using the also-notify parameter in Read it only when accompanied by your favorite keep-me-awake-cos-I-can't-take-anymore-of-this-stuff beverage.There can be any number of slave DNS's for any given zone.Slave status is defined in BIND by including 'type slave' in the zone declaration section of the file as shown by the following fragment.The BIND default is to notify the servers defined in NS records for the zone - except itself, obviously.

A zone master can be 'hidden' (only one or more of the slaves know of its existence).

Diagram 1 DNS Master Master status is defined in BIND by including 'type master' in the zone declaration section of the file as shown by the following fragment.

When a master DNS receives Queries for a zone for which it is authoritative then it will respond as 'Authoritative' (AA bit is set in a query response).

These configurations confuse two distinct but related functions.

If a server is going to provide caching services then it must support recursive queries and recursive queries need access to the root servers which is provided via the 'type hint' statement.

Example configuration files for a master DNS are provided.

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