Restore iphone jailbroken without updating

19-Jul-2019 19:27 by 7 Comments

Restore iphone jailbroken without updating - person intimidating with gun

The problem is, the jailbreak was published as an IPA file to sideload with Cydia Impactor or compiling with Xcode.

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Furthermore, someone else also released a similar tool which you can install right from Cydia.If you like to try something new and easier, then OSRestore X is the way to go.According to the developer, this is an “on-device alternative to Semi-Restore for i OS 10”.After that, just wait for Semi Restore to do its magic.When the entire process is completed, your device should be able to go back to its normal settings, and the i OS version will still stay as is.They both provide the same end goal, which removes all your jailbreak-related items including themes and tweaks.

In this post, we will show you how to use Semi-Restore and OSRestore X to restore your jailbroken i Phone or i Pad running i OS 10.However, many argue that it can quickly generate issues to your jailbreak.To remove the i OS 10 jailbreak from your device: i Cloud will then delete all your contents and settings.Keep in mind that if you have any custom fonts or settings installed from Cydia, please remove them first before following the instructions above.These packages are known to mess up Cydia Eraser, and it will do the same to Semi-Restore.I recommend you back up your important data such as photos one way or another because you will get a chance to restore them when you’ve finished setting up the device.