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"You have some people who can live on T-Mobile and Netflix." Phone calls will go only through Verizon's network.

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Strict confidentiality rules have prevented Comcast from saying what it did in the auction.The company is expected to disclose the information this month or in early May.Comcast has been developing the wireless offering for months and tapped executives with wireless experience to help with the launch.Comcast is believed to be both a buyer and seller of wireless spectrum in the Federal Communications Commission's recent spectrum auction that repurposed some TV airwaves for the wireless industry.Industry experts say that Comcast may have sold airwaves controlled by its NBC and Telemundo TV stations.AT&T's Direc TV Now service now streams live television to smartphones and mobile devices, a service that Comcast can't offer without Xfinity Mobile.

"Comcast understands the need to get back into the wireless business for their own survival.Greg Butz was appointed as president of Comcast Mobile, the new wireless division, in July 2016.Formerly the executive vice president for sales and marketing in the cable division, Butz joined Comcast in 1993 as director of business development for Comcast Cellular Communications, now a defunct unit.In late 2011, Comcast and other companies sold Verizon a big chunk of wireless spectrum for .6 billion after a consortium of cable companies, including Comcast, failed to impress consumers with its wireless phone product.As part of the spectrum sale, the cable consortium negotiated a deal to use Verizon's wireless network on a wholesale basis if it wanted to get back into the business.Off-loading data traffic onto Comcast's extensive Wi Fi network will relieve congestion on Verizon's network, thus saving Comcast operating costs.

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