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A distraught Margo is already at Nicole's house, where she informs the Walker's that Gary has been found dead.

Steven confronts David on a street corner and demands he leaves Nicole alone.David follows Margo in his car and crashes into her; he chokes her and threatens he will hurt her more if she doesn't fix things for him.David then sees Nicole hugging Gary outside school and, as Gary walks home alone, David follows and kills him.16-year-old Nicole Walker (Reese Witherspoon) lives in the suburbs of Seattle with her overbearing father Steven (William Petersen), his new wife Laura (Amy Brenneman), and Toby (Christopher Gray), Laura's son from her first marriage.At a bar with her best friend Margo (Alyssa Milano), Nicole meets David Mc Call (Mark Wahlberg), and is instantly swept off her feet by his good looks and sweet, charming nature. When Steven meets David, he mistrusts him immediately.He also finds a vandalized bracelet (it read "Daddy's Girl" but has been changed to "David's Girl"), a pair of Nicole's panties, a defaced family photo (Steven's head has been replaced with David's). Later, David returns home and promptly realizes Steven has been there.

He decides to break into the Walker residence with the help of his four equally violent housemates: Logan, Hacker (Gary Riley), Knobby (Jed Rees) and Terry (Jason Kristofer).Nicole and her father embrace, knowing they are safe.Fear was released on April 12, 1996 in 1,584 theaters. 4 at the box office, making .3 million in its opening weekend.Using a flashlight, Nicole sends an SOS to Larry, the Walker's private security guard, who arrives to confront the situation, but he is shot dead by Terry.David, Logan and Terry eventually force their way in and take Steven hostage, using Larry's handcuffs to shackle up him and Laura.Nicole goes with Laura and Toby to the mall, where David corners her in the women's restroom, claiming they have something special and demanding her to be his forever.

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