Red sox fan dating yankee fan

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‘Leaping Mike’ Menosky replaced Ruth in left field, hitting nine home runs over the next four years. Before Frazee sold Ruth, the Red Sox dominated Major League baseball, winning five of 17 World Series.The Yankees had been irrelevant, but after acquiring the Bambino they won their first of 27 World Series in 1923.

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Quinn could barely meet payroll and couldn't afford new seats. Until the team changed hands and the stands were rebuilt, players could catch foul balls behind the third-base grandstand. Unknown Detroit Tigers player slides into third base against unknown Boston Red Sox third baseman as ball pops loose in front of unknown umpire during a 1929 game at Fenway Park. Photo courtesy Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.It helped us create lasting memories and we are all, especially myself, incredibly thankful of what you all have done to help make this possible. Seeing these two teams play seemed so far out of reach.Thanks to the New York Yankees and Vet-tix we not only got to see the game, but we were able to see it UP CLOSE!!! Thank you to the New York Yankees for the tickets to the game!The Red Sox and Yankees have had a rivalry that goes way back to the early 20th century.You can always expect their fans to talk trash about the other city’s team, especially when they meet in the postseason.Frazee, after selling Ruth, sold off all the team’s good players. In 1921 the Red Sox finished fifth and had the worst attendance in the American League. In 1922 the team’s socks weren’t even red – they’d been changed to a dark stripe – and the Red Sox finished dead last in the league.

, aware of the hatred for Frazee, suggested, ‘Hub May Make Date of Red Sox Sale New Holiday.’ Hardly.We loved every minute of the game, and it doesn't hurt that we shut out the Red Sox! Thanks to Vet Tix and Yankee Stadium for tickets to the Red Sox Yankees game.We had a great time plus you helped old Yankee fans who are Vets to get motivated and get out into the world and help turn a wish into reality by donating these excellent tickets. I would like to give a HUGE Thank You to the New York Yankees organization for allowing me and a close friend to attend the game! Thanks again for taking care of our nations Veterans!!Fans get ready to renew their rivalry here in Connecticut!According to a 2016 Quinnipiac University poll, Yankees fans dominate more Connecticut counties than Red Sox fans.HARTFORD — The rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees doesn’t stop on the field — fans are the ones who make the rivalry special.