Radiocarbon dating laboratory australia

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Radiocarbon dating laboratory australia

The Watchtower takes literally the Genesis account of a global flood that covered the top of earth's highest mountains.

Noah's flood is an account from Genesis chapters six to nine. After several months, God caused the waters to subside and the ark came to rest on the "mountains of Ararat", in Turkey.

Although the arguments presented for a flood are from Watchtower publications, little of this originates with Watchtower writers, but borrows heavily from fundamental Christian sources.

Following are key areas to consider when deciding if a global flood is possible, presented in layman's terms.

The Watchtower calculates the flood to have occurred in 2370-2369 B. Almost all life on earth was drowned, with only eight humans surviving, along with the small assortment on animals that were able to fit on an ark.

After exactly one year, Noah and the animals left the ark, barren apart from the regrowth of some vegetation.

Over 90% of the wildlife on Madagascar, an island in the Indian ocean, is found nowhere else on earth, such as its 100 species of renowned lemurs, and 80 percent its 14,883 plant species, including 5 unique plant families.

Socotra, a small island 240 kilometres from Africa in the Indian Ocean, contains a number of reptiles and birds endemic to the island.

If such was the case, then, of course, the animals had no difficulty in migrating to these lands." it-1 pp.

110-112 The Watchtower is misusing the evidence for land bridges, as oceanographic studies show the separation of continents is happening at a matter of centimetres per year, not hundreds of meters, as would be required if Australia separated from the other continents a mere 4,000 years ago.

However, the findings of oceanographers indicate that at one time land ridges connected what are now isolated land areas.

For example, oceanographic studies indicate that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge may have crossed that ocean above the surface.

The Watchtower uses the argument that a land bridge existed for marsupials to cross.

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