Quicken not updating

21-Sep-2019 11:22 by 10 Comments

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I thought all was well until receiving the QFX Error -1005.

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I will also say that the download was quite faster than I remember before the Quicken update. Using the Resolve button by one of the bank accounts, the credentials (which had not changed) were accepted.In case of transaction download errors Please provide more details. Also need to know what version and release of Quicken you are using.What error codes, error messages, symptoms do you get? What account types (checking, savings, etc.) are you having issues with? You must be on the latest release (patch) level for your supported Quicken version.I just bought quicken 2017 home and business a week ago and today when updating my bank accounts for new transactions it acts like it is but when its done no new transactions.I feel like i just wasted my money on this program.Perhaps it is a catch-all error that handles a number of issues.

As documented above, I found that updates WERE occurring but I was still getting my QFX Error message and the Account Status pane was not showing.If you require immediate help please contact Quicken Support via Chat or Phone at https:// and report this issue.Please let us know if you were able to get it resolved through Support (or not).Just checked with Sun Trust and they claim not to have changed anything. It was rather slow (as compared with a phone call); I suspect the agent was handling more than one problem at a time.BTW: tried Quicken Chat with no response after 1 hour--guess they are overloaded. Presently, none of my accounts update: I get the QFX error consistently. It says something about "unable to connect to your bank accounts." Funny thing: I just looked at the checking account register and it DID update as did the other accounts. There were a few facts that I neglected to include in this post.Each individual account within the bank seems to have its own point where the transactions have stopped. It's as though there are no new transactions, even though there has been a lot.