Pyramids carbon dating project

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Alexander Golodwho has, as a result of this study and government funding, constructed in excess of fifty glass fibre and resin pyramids (largest 44 metres high and weighing 55 tons, built 1990), distributed mostly through Russia and the Ukraine.

These items include spiritual energy orbs that clearly exist within ancient pyramids and within their associated tunnelscaptured with unquestionable clarity in photos and seen to have sweeping movement when recorded on video film.Perhaps in fairness to the endeavours of our scientific community, it should be pointed out that there have been a number of most valuable advances in recent years, each initially unrelated to pyramid research; but these have made it possible to provide extra and extremely useful pyramid data.I refer in particular to radar (1935), to radiocarbon dating (1940) and to development of the digital camera (1975).Dead animals seem to dry out or mummify instead of rotting. In the vicinity of pyramids, growth rate of plants is increased in their early phase.Pyramids placed in the vicinity of oil wells cut oil viscosity and the pumping rate at one such location in the south of Russia has been increased by 30%.Dr Sam Semir Osmanagichwho for the past ten years has led the Bosnian pyramid excavations and project study.

His work has included organizing large multi-national volunteer labour teams for clearing tunnels and exposing ceramic artefacts; also liaising with the European testing laboratories and publishing several books.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has leaf residues trapped between permanent outer layers that indicate an age for the structure of a little in excess of 30,000 years.

Dated wood fragments from tunnel sections indicate that many of the tunnels became gravel-filled in a cataclysmic event that followed much later5,000 years ago.

Seeds stored in the energy for just a few days germinate to give substantially increased crop yields, generally 20-100% extra yield. Longevity is increased, as has been indicated by trials with rabbits and rats.

Razor blades become sharpened, and the effect compares with ultrasound polishing. Tissue culture tests have demonstrated increased survival of cell tissue following infection by bacteria and viruses. The energy is found to combat addictions to alcohol and drugs.

On close inspection it is clear that Earths ancient pyramidsthose named above plus othersare all orientated with one pair of sides facing exactly East West (aligning to planetary spin). Facts have now become available that begin to provide answers to the latter question.