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15 Minutes of fame and hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad time for the network?(Well, you can't hate them for trying to make a buck.) Maybe the wonder is - who would want to be with this woman past an hour?

Otunga first got a degree in psychology and later went on to graduate from Harvard Law School.The couple has remained engaged for about six years and there has been no word of a wedding yet.I Love New York 2 cast member Jamal Trulove, who was previously sentenced to 50 years to live for shooting a man, has been acquitted of murder by a jury after a new trial.In 2007, his niece sent in an audition tape for him and he was cast in the reality competition show where he was given the nickname "Punk".He was one of the final three contestants on the dating show.The following week on Raw, Otunga and the other NXT rookies from season one interfered in the main event match between John Cena and CM Punk, attacking the competitors, the announce team, and ring announcer Justin Roberts, before dismantling the ring area and surrounding equipment.

On the July 12 episode of Raw, The Nexus, excluding Daniel Bryan (who was fired by Vince Mc Mahon after the Nexus' first night on Raw in part due to choking ring announcer Justin Roberts with his own tie.), competed in their first match together, defeating John Cena in a six-on-one handicap match.

Or wonder if she and her mother's next show would be on the WWF!

Any way you slice it, it's a train wreck you've seen countless times before so by now the shock value is down to nil.

It escapes me to discover what is so entertaining about all of this.

The fact that this is as fake as her newly implanted additions?

His 2010 conviction for first-degree murder, which was based on an eyewitness account from someone who recognized him from the TV show, was overturned…