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In fact in Tbana malaria is chiefly prevalent on the coast and is probably doc to the water-logging of the soil owiag to the existenoe of garden cultivation on a large scale. Tbo rest of the Konkan except Kdnara has been divided into a coast Ratii%ir* J^tid strip, where in addition to a better climate the fishing industry gives employ- ment to a largo pop'i lotion, and an inland undulating area consisting mostly of hare laterite lulls and narrow valleys where the ud fertile soil supports a popula- tion of 4.00 to 150 per square milo, ooly a third of the number of inhubitauts on the more favoured ooast-Uno. Thiina and Kduara are forest clad districts, but it is only in tho latter that the presence of evorgreon foreili koopa the springs flowing, while the Thins rivers very quickly dry up into pools. This inemse of ioliahitanta near the hills can only be attributed to the eitcecidingly good oiimate wluoh the uplands of Thana enjoy* The plateaux as well as the higher h Ols above thorn are largely Ijara of trees and the area is well drained and nut malarious.

,•» CHAPTER L 1)I6TB1BDTI0N OB THE Po Blf Li Tl OS.', Inbrodi MJtory.

Many from tliose districts ship ::a kaoars on ocean steamers, and from thdr remittances nome the money order business done in tho Konkan post-ollices is enormous.

Ratoigiri and Kolaba are the main areas from which JJombay City draws its salaried menials and raillhands.

Foi Briti Eh Districts and Natural Diviaious^ Diftrji'l 4t Ml Jiitarar Mi'M ij»Eih Lty *par9 mil* lit llfll llui tulil tm. I 1 Irtn-Tal’ I Ijpof l : : 3 4 1 S 7 a a ]ft ji i: 13 H 15 10 17 Cjlr ..

Causes of De Udency of Females at Birth; at Age Period 10—15. Bjaul on th- total area the \ariatbn [email protected] 27 of 378 191 1 -Census of India . Report -Clean [868] 8 Cu APTEi L I.— Di STin Bt t;ion of the Popolatiok* is from 386 to the sfinaro milo id parta of lljderaljdd to 17 to 29 b tlie daert tract of Tliar and IMrkar, while if the norma! variation extends from in llydcralidd ]381ciaiiy Table L Density i Water- Sicpply mid Crops.

„* „* £3 CHAPTER IIL Miaa ATio N- dani Ecatlon of migration.

Proviro H and Ber&r- Ajme T-Merw Am ; Madrae; Central India- Emigritioa over , Migration #itbm the Province; caaaal migration. ^ jg s 1615-0 [email protected] 3 of 378 191 1 -Census of India . Hrfer^CB to Stflti Btic B, Geneml IHet Tibution of th& Popnlatioti bj Religion : Hi Dt Utiam | Tslim ; ^ Animi Bni : Chfiatiwilty ; Hindu-Mutiam- madbus 't Miltias ; ; Sheikhs ; Molesal^m B ; Sangh^ ; Saojogis- Sithsj Bo TOiatrianiif Ttij Judaism. Daily Wors Mp; Periodical Worship H The Sijtueu Sanok An. The Religion of the Miiases ; of the Clagses, Non-Rr^ih Tnan Of Rciitnr Si Converta fo Wikheraft ... the Taijnh Mah Ala ; of Browh ; of Burnt- Deneity la the Doccac, Kbiindeahi Ndsil Cj Ahnudn&gi T, Poona and Sho Upnr- Irrigation. Beoiitj in the Koakan— Batndgiri and Sol Aba— Kdoirai Eonrity in Sind ; in Earlchii in Hyder j in lh*r and Pdrka: ; in li Arkina *, in Snkkui } in the Upper Sind Frontier. Fnblio Health- Plagne- Summary of conditions sinoe last Ceniiu. ■ Growth of the popn Iatioi L Variation h Gnjazit: The Pinch Mab^s, Ahmadib Ad^ Broach and Sniit^ Xaiia. The Deccan: Khdndeah, Ndaik and Ahmed oigar, Poona, Shol&pqr, Satire. Sind: Thar and Pirkar, Upper Sind Frontier, Hjdei Ab&d^ Snkknr, LArkina, Rar^hi. Variation of populatiou by age« Genera] concloaionsi Over-orowding ... Any substantial or systematic reproduction, redistribution, reselling, loan, sub-licensing, systematic supply, or distribution in any form to anyone is expressly forbidden.

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