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He becomes friends with S-Class members Bang and King.

is a scientist who uses various remote-controlled robots to fight with high destructive capability.

He does not mind letting others have the credit though, as demonstrated in his actions following the fight against the Deep Sea King.

In the Dark Matter Thieves story arc, he is not bothered by the telekinesis user that throws rocks against him, and has one of the times where he has used his "serious punch".

His robot first appears at Z City where he tries out a new weapon against an incoming meteor, but it fails.

He is introduced as S-Class, Rank 7, In actuality, he is an ordinary 29-year-old otaku who loves playing dating sims and fighting video games.

Kuseno took Genos in and modified his body to make him a cyborg with destructive capabilities.

However, Genos remains steadfastly convinced that justice demanded vengeance against and destruction of the cyborg.

A passing grade would be 70% or higher and directly placed in a class from 70% being barely C-class to 100% being eligible for S-class.

who had attacked the dojo and defeated every single student to the point of near death.

That incident was a painful memory for Bang and he is in look out for more disciples to pass on his martial arts, as Charanko is fairly incompetent.

As a hero, Bang is wise and displays a great deal of patience when compared to others in S-class, and often scolds other heroes for being too prideful and selfish.

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