Phone dating services in arizona

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Phone dating services in arizona - benaughty dating site

Give it a rest, just like your business this business started out small too and is expanding and learning .

They called multiple times, each time I told them I did not want to purchase anything.I think I will end up filing a complaint with the BBB as well.Dear Complainants, We are sorry to hear you have had a less than desirable experience dealing with our company.They said they keep recordings of phone calls - so I demanded to hear the phone call authorization. We signed for nothing and they even have the wrong billing contact and information. They talked to one employee on the phone, gather information, then send you a poster and a bill.Good news is, they have no real official information (to my knowledge) to send you to collections. We ended up sending the poster back, but still get bills. And when they do call and try to act professional, just don't say anything, most likely they will try to use it against you. They will do anything, at YOUR expense, to make A sale!Never heard from them until this morning, January, 3rd 2011. If you would give them a chance and listen to them and explain to them the situation, they will understand.

This guy basically tells me he is going to damage our business credit rating over this ridiculious issue they are refusing to resolve. I will be filing A complaint with the states Better Business Bureau and also A complaint with the local Sheriff's Department in regards to the harrasment with the phone calls. Tried that, nothing has worked up to this point with them. Would A great customer service represenative threaten to damage your business credit rating over A bill(less than 0) they say you owe for something that was never ordered or authorized in the first place? refuse to solve the matter in any way whatsoever, won't provide you with information they say they have in regards to the matter, and then, and thenn, hang up on you! I have owned my business for over 15 years & have never delt with anything like this before.Before I know it I'm getting an invoice sent to me in the mail with samples and they're trying to collect money saying I authorized purchase of a product during a phone conversation.No such phone conversation occurred and I demanded that they show me proof of the conversation. I'm going to report them to my state's attorney general and BBB.We received NO invoices whatsoever until December 8th 2010.They faxed out what is basically A collection's letter telling us to pay up for something we did'nt want in the first place.In reality, this company doesn't just offer posters and kits, they offer you awesome customer service, necessary and reasonably priced safety products and the comfort and ease of knowing that you'll be covered as a business without the hassle of having to worry about doing it yourself.