Payloadvalidatinginterceptor not working

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Only first request validation was successful while all other subsequent ones were causing errors in Sax Parser. I had similar problems with Castor Marshaller class but I just replaced it with current one from svn repository (with small changes) and it was easily solved.

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I got the same error: a SOAPFault with a NPE inside with no stack trace.You code against a template like Spring’s other templates for communicating against a database or JMS server.This blog article demonstrates how to use Spring WS as a client with JAXB for the data binding and how to add pre and post processing behaviour with interceptors.Problems were happening in handle Request method in Abstract Validating Interceptor class in line: SAXParse Exception[] errors = validator.validate(request Source); Sax Parser was trying to read same Input Stream each time and after first time reading it (reading of xml schema) it was not able to read it any more. Well, I assume that it's whatever's unmarshalling the data in the request, since I'm sending it an invalid request.I am trying to do all possible configuration using annotation and want to avoid all xml based configuration.

So far I even avoided application and by using java configuration.

I've tried creating multiple Payload Validating Interceptors to add them with Interceptors(interceptors);, but it didn't work either.

The only response I was able to find (with Java instead of XML), is from 2009: Does anyone know of a Java-based solution to validate requests and responses from multiple XSDs in the same project?

While debugging I noticed that the validator instance used in Payload Validating Interceptor is null, because set Schema does not initialize it.

The Spring WS client is a lightweight alternative that doesn’t need a WSDL to work.

Payload Validating Interceptor Performance Issue Hello, We had a performance issue when deploy our web service to Weblogic server. However, when trying to validate a new type of request I get the following validation error: ...

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