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Today, she teaches children, parents and educators about child sexual abuse and prevention through her nonprofit, kids, not in our private school, in our gated community,” says Book, who grew up in a wealthy part of South Florida.“It was important to say, ‘Yes, it does happen to blond-haired, green-eyed kids who go to the university school.’” Lauren Book, who was sexually abused by her nanny over a five-year period, visits the Florida Civil Commitment Center, a facility for post-incarceration treatment for convicted sexual offenders.

While it’s unlikely someone would be let out without participating in treatment, special situations do occur—as when a resident is “severely medically compromised,” Kanner says, or “‘ages’ out of the risk to reoffend.” For some residents, refusing treatment means spending the rest of their lives inside those 12-foot barbed wire fences.“If you ask any psychologist involved in [civil commitment], they’ll tell you that treatment is the only thing we know that will change someone,” says Kanner. People die after getting chemo, but we don’t say it doesn’t treat cancer.”found that over a 14-year period, Florida considered committing but then released 594 sex offenders who were later convicted of other sex crimes.“These are people one step away from killing a kid.People who stole children’s childhoods.”Lauren Book, who’s 30, is one of over 42 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse in the U. For six years, starting when she was 11, her family’s live-in nanny sexually abused her.Since the program launched in the 1990s, no one has been fully discharged.1in6, a nonprofit for male victims of child sexual abuse, is a leading psychologist who studies child sexual abuse and non-stranger rape.“What frightens me,” he says, “is when I see people winking at each other so we can all pretend this really does pass constitutional muster, because——we’re treating these people for a mental illness, when the same people will tell you in the next breath, especially off the record, that they view these people as untreatable.”A man starts walking toward Book, Van Susteren and me.It’s late March when Lauren Book and I head into the bowels of the Florida Civil Commitment Center (FCCC), armed with loose-leaf paper, pencils and the knowledge that we are about to sit face to face with three of the most dangerous sexually violent predators in the state.

“This is the most manipulative crowd on the planet,” says Kristin Kanner, director of the Florida Department of Children and Families’ Sexually Violent Predator Program.

And one of the men we’re seeing today has been sending Book and her father angry letters for the past few years.

The FCCC is surrounded by seemingly endless stretches of sugar fields, cow pastures and orange groves.

Wrapped in 12-foot barbed wire fences and guarded with more than 200 cameras, it is where Florida keeps 640 of its worst sexually violent offenders.

About half have committed crimes against just children, a third against just adults. Aside from prosecutors, defense attorneys and legislators, the last time anyone from the general public was granted this kind of FCCC access was in 2013, Book’s first visit.

“Feeling that inadequate, I didn’t know how to ask for help.

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