Parents with kids dating

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Parents with kids dating - amy and fry dating futurama

As I think about this topic, I’m reminded of the ever-present danger of hypocrisy—claiming to be a follower of Jesus while shamelessly disobeying Him.

What God really desires is that our kids recognize that they are sinners in need of His grace, that they simply can’t do anything to merit His love and forgiveness, and that they are therefore in need of Jesus, the Savior, who laid down His perfect life so that we could enjoy relationship with our Creator.

As Lee and I raise our sixteen-year-old twins and preschooler, we realize that the parenting journey is a lot like a fast-paced adventure down the French Broad. But then I remember that I am not alone: my husband and I have help as we run these child-rearing rapids.

As Christian parents, we have the authority of Scripture to serve as an ever-present guide that prepares us for sections of white water and helps us navigate.

Abraham couldn’t see that the Lord was testing his faith and was masterminding a scene that would foreshadow God’s own sacrifice of His Son many years later.

Nevertheless, Abraham set out to do that hard thing God requested of him, focused not on the challenge but on God’s past goodness in leading him to Canaan and allowing him to become a father in his old age.

SEE ALSO: 6 Ways Parents Can Teach Children Scripture Aim, therefore, to train your children not in goodness or even in greatness but in godliness.

Make every effort to lead them to trust in Christ and then help them to live in a way that honors God’s holy standards, not the world’s.

Maybe you wonder whether your daughter will ever see past the handsome face and into the heart of that guy she’s dating.

Remember, making miracles out of messes is God’s specialty. He loves your son or daughter even more than you can.

To tempt you and I to let sinful choices become the rule rather than the exception.

To forget that consistently walking with Jesus is the most important thing we can do for the precious little girls and boys we love. Ask for His help in extending forgiveness, avoiding gossip, and living above reproach.

For instance, when God’s Word says, “Bad company corrupts good morals” (1 Corinthians ), it is reminding believers to choose their friends wisely; hanging out with those who often rebel against the rules sets us up for disaster.