Pages not updating on mac

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As Mac users have worked with the new OS, they’ve noticed several problems that seem linked to El Capitan.Here are the most common issues people have struggled with, and the best solutions for getting those kinks worked out.

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Instead, you can use your Mac's Mail app and send and receive i Cloud mail just like any other email account you may have. Mail already knows most of the settings an i Cloud mail account needs, so you won't need to search for obscure server names to get i Cloud mail up and running…

More » Apple Mail is popular and easy to set up and use, but one place that seems to invite trouble is setting up and using Apple Mail rules to automate the Mail app.

With properly configured Mail rules, you can have Mail sort your email messages, putting important messages in a must-answer-right-away mailbox.

I am using Pages 09 on Mac OSX, and I am able to insert references from endnote X2.

However if I make changes in my Endnote library, these changes do not show up in citations made in the Pages-document.

Perhaps you've also noticed that Mail is no longer able to add events and invitations to your Calendar program.

It appears this may be a bug in how Mail transverses an alias to a cloud storage or syncing service.

That's why when you're having trouble with Apple Mail, you should check out our Apple Mail Troubleshooting guides, which cover both the problems that are easy to fix, and the ones that may need a bit more effort.

Apple Mail is very straightforward to set up and use.

More » You've just dashed off a reply to an important email message.

When you hit the ' Send' button, you discover that it's dimmed, which means you can't send your message. This guide will show you the problems that can cause Mail's Send button to be unavailable, and then help you fix the issues, so you can get back to sending that important email…

Downloading it is kind of a no-brainer because of its price tag (free!