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Ketchum, ID Ernest Hemingway was almost as famous for his outdoorsmanship as for his sparse prose style, so it's fitting that the author is buried in Idaho's Rocky Mountains alongside his wife, son, and granddaughter.

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Cathedral City, CA "The Best Is Yet to Come," declares the headstone of legendary New Jersey-born jazz singer Frank Sinatra, who suffered a heart attack in 1998 and was buried in Desert Memorial Park near Palm Springs.

He remains a big draw in a cemetery of many distinguished deceased, though his inscription mentions only two accomplishments: "Beloved Husband and Father." Cathedral City, CA After visiting with Ol' Blue Eyes or Sonny Bono, see the nation's first memorial specifically honoring LGBT veterans.

Opened on Memorial Day 2001, the obelisk commemorates the contributions of the gay and transgender Americans who served the military with a plaque and an engraving of a bald eagle over its heart.

The famously opulent cemetery is home to many more noteworthy graves belonging to Walt Disney, Michael Jackson, and Nat King Cole. His red headstone mentions only one accomplishment: "Founder of Jeet Kune Do." Renton, WA South of his hometown of Seattle, legendary rock guitarist and singer Jimi Hendrix's grave is marked by a marble dome in Greenwood Memorial Park, where he rests alongside his father and stepmother.

The dome's pillars feature engraved portraits of Hendrix and quotes from his songs, beneath which fans place candles, flowers, and guitar picks.

London, England Scientist, astronomer, and originator of both the laws of motion and the theory of gravity, Isaac Newton is now buried in Westminster Abbey in the chapel of his alma mater Trinity College.

An ornate memorial sculpture was erected near his grave, but the headstone itself is simple, marked with a Latin inscription translating to "He surpassed the race of man in understanding." London, England Nearby Sir Newton in Westminster Abbey is a simple stone commemorating the life of English naturalist, scientist, and philosopher Charles Darwin, best known for his book "On the Origin of Species," which transformed scientific thinking in the latter half of the 19th century.

Heptonstall, England Though fans have always left flowers and writing utensils as tributes, poet and author Sylvia Plath's simple grave in the St.

Thomas' Churchyard was long the subject of controversy for the inclusion of extra surname "Hughes" by her husband and fellow poet, Ted Hughes, whom some blamed for her suicide.

West Point, NY The Civil War general most famous for his "last stand" at the Battle of Little Big Horn can be found in the West Point Cemetery alongside many other distinguished military men and women from throughout U. Hana, HI The first man to fly solo across the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh rests for eternity on the island of Maui atop a bluff overlooking the Pacific.

His scenic gravesite bears the inscription "If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea..." and sits behind the Palapala Ho'omau Church, the first place on the island to see the sunrise each morning.

Oxfordshire, England Winston Churchill, the historical icon and two-time prime minister best known for leading the Britain through World War II, was honored with an enormous state funeral attended by representatives from 112 nations upon his death in 1965.

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