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During the bench trial — that is, a trial in front of a judge, not a jury — Jane Doe testified that Logan forcibly grabbed and groped her before assaulting her on his living room couch, telling her "Don't fight it.

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The number of 55- to 64-year-olds using online dating has doubled in the last three years, the same poll shows.

In addition to the two women, had received six complaints from website users against Logan, for claims such as using a fake online photo of himself and misrepresenting himself, according to court records."That lit a fire in me," she said, sitting beside a big window overlooking Dearborn Street in the downtown offices of her attorneys.

Jane Doe and the second woman's complaint led to double criminal sexual assault cases against Logan.

His profile wouldn't be removed until after Jane Doe reached out to the website in the days after the December 2009 attack; he created another one after that, but took that one down, too, according to court records.

The suit survived attempts by to have it tossed, partially because of the site's terms of service which would have required the suit be filed in Texas, the website's home state.

10, 2007, saying Logan "forced himself on me and proceeded to date rape me without a condom," according to court documents.

She filed a report with Chicago police the day after that, according to court records tied to the criminal case against Logan involving both women."I hope that this doesn't happen to any other woman that contacts this man on in the future," the woman said in her email to the website on Nov.Jane Doe filed a negligence lawsuit against in Cook County Circuit Court after learning that another Chicago woman claimed she too was assaulted by Logan two years earlier.The woman in that case emailed a complaint to on Nov.The attorney for Jane Doe said Logan has yet to respond to their lawsuit filed against both him and Now in her late 30s, the woman has moved on with her life, started a long-term relationship and is using yoga and meditation to help clear away the specter of trauma.And there are plenty of news reports about sexual predators using dating sites and social media as a way of finding victims.