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Omaha dating site - online dating for people with disabilities

Better yet is the breathtaking view of the skyline from atop Mount Washington, across the Monongahela River — or best of all, the dramatic sight of downtown as you emerge from the Fort Pitt Tunnel.The New York Times once pronounced Pittsburgh "the only city with an entrance." San Antonio Vibe: Old West urban flair Sunny days per year: 263 Median home price: $135,000 Forget the Alamo — just remember that while a lot of Texas cities have boomed in the past few decades, San Antonio has somehow managed to grow while still embracing its image as a sleepy tourist town.

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And because it's a big place — the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis — there are plenty of urban offerings.

Sparkling mountain streams, whitewater thrillers and long lazy rivers make boating and fishing local favorites.

Pittsburgh Vibe: The city's 88 distinct neighborhoods create a European atmosphere Sunny days per year: 194 Median home price: 6,500 With affordable arts (Pittsburgh is home to one of the nation's great symphony orchestras), terrific food (the aroma of ethnic eateries permeates the Strip District) and not one but three beautiful, bridge-spanned rivers to boat on, the Steel City has a lock on great reasons to live there.

Over the decades, it's morphed from a logging and mining backwater to a cultural pearl.

The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture ( for seniors), which includes a tour of the historical Campbell House, is considered to be one of the best museums in the Northwest.

So did its incredibly rich history of both Roanoke and the surrounding valley.

(Notable Civil War battles include Hunter's Raid of 1864.) But its 88.5-foot-high illuminated star, first lit in 1949, isn't the only aspect of the city that is burning brightly: Building its reputation as the "City of Festivals," the town now boasts Roanoke Festival In the Park, Downtown Roanoke's Railway Festival, Henry Street Festival, Vinton's Dogwood Festival, The Virginia Championship Chili Cook-off and the Strawberry Festival, making it one of the liveliest towns in the region.

New Mexico State University (home of the Chile Pepper Institute) adds spice to cultural activities, while the area's history, including Mesilla, once part of Mexico, goes as far back as the dinosaurs.

(Thankfully, they left plenty of fossils for local enthusiasts.) And hikers and mountain bikers love the area's plentiful playgrounds, with Bar Canyon, Dripping Springs, Robledo Mountains, Picacho Peak and the Dona Ana Mountains all within a 10-mile radius. Vibe: Family-friendly values with a progressive twist Sunny days per year: 200 Median home price: 1,100 Fans say spunky little Eau Claire is something of a Midwestern throwback — safe, friendly and a solid family-oriented community.

En español | When it comes to looking for a place to retire, cost of living often tops the list of considerations.

But there's a difference between living cheaply and living well. To determine these select places, we began with a theoretical income of ,500, or 0 a day.

Recent redevelopment has seen the rise of downtown loft apartments and Phoenix Park, as well as popular (and free! A branch of the University of Wisconsin provides plenty of cultural and entertainment programming.

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    In case you didn’t read the best-selling book…spoiler alert…he got caught and his exploits were depicted in the movie Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo Di Caprio. — New Research Finds Military Veterans Victimized by Scams Twice as Often as Nonveterans WASHINGTON, D. North Little Rock, AR 72116 Fayetteville screening AMC Fiesta Square 16 3033 N. Fayetteville, AR 72703 — This Veterans Month, you can honor our brave heroes, and the people who serve them, by sharing their story and giving them a chance to win big.

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    Second, tell him that you're really proud that he wants to be a support to someone and that the best way to do that is to maintain his own emotional health. When my husband and I learned that our 15-year-old had sex with her boyfriend, we grounded her for a month with no computer or phone, and told her the relationship is over. Assuming she's not pregnant (she says they used condoms), what's the next step we should take? Reread Romeo and Juliet—because that's the dynamic you've just created.