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Some will offer food and entertainment at different times throughout the year.Most, if not all, wineries will participate in our annual events.

If you are visiting from the city, you will certainly find Olivero's a relaxing, calming experience and if you are local, you will have an opportunity to sit back and enjoy a renewed appreciation for the Juniata valley's beauty Located in the picturesque Juniata Valley, Olivero’s Vineyards is a gorgeous backdrop and the perfect place for you to get lost in the beauty of the moment. For more information, All of our Susquehanna Heartland Wine Trail Association members are small, family-owned wineries, operated independently.He’d built up a reputation for doing ambitious projects in the more traditional, proscenium theater vein, so it didn’t surprise me when he announced his intentions for the first version of back in 2014.That initial production was a massive success, and Nick and the other producers wanted to bring it back on a bigger scale.The first development meeting started in 2013 with about six people and a huge wall of blank paper.I asked the question, “What sort of people would be at a 1920’s speakeasy?Bill and Dottie first purchased the farm now known as Olivero's in 1976.

Dottie's love of wine and her dream of turning the farm into a vineyard grew as she and Bill raised their children in this picturesque valley.

An icon of the opera world has passed away this day at the age of 104. For those that understand italian, here a interesting video with her and Tebaldi: https:// She embodied verismo, yet, as some clips here have shown, sang and acted a wide-ranging repertoire splendidly.

She was my favorite soprano and used to communicate with me every time I would send her a birthday card. I doubt we will see anything like her again; she belonged to that select company for whom art was life itself, and who performed as if their lives depended on it.

Each has a unique experience and rich history and provides their own original touches that reflect the many varieties of wine offered.

Wineries each host events and are open to the public at varying hours.

I’ve always been a fan of Vaudeville entertainment and blurring the lines of reality and fiction, and I thought having a cabaret and casino would make for a fun night out.

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