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However, the young man then revealed the truth about not being from the patent office and said that he required the rocket drill in order to help a friend.Prior to leaving, the young man apoligized to Emmett for deceiving him and told him that he would be a great inventor.

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After the rocket drill was completed, Emmett quickly ended the argument with his father and asked the young man when he could expect a response from the patent office.

Around this time, anti-German sentiment had increased in the United States due to Germany's involvement in World War I, so Erhardt had their family name changed from Von Braun to Brown.

On August 5, 1926, Emmett fell into a river and developed a fear of fishing.

" "If only I don't die of a heart attack or a stroke first," Dr. / He was close to seeing his dream become a reality. One by one the scientific and physical obstacles had been eliminated. " He was the son of (whose birth name was Erhardt Von Braun) and.

In fact no one except Marty Mc Fly even knew of his accomplishments, but that didn't matter. His lifetime of struggle, of being the recipient of ridicule, would suddenly turn golden.

Forgiving the young man, Emmett instructed him that he should keep the rocket drill's throttle at about eight before the young man left.

In the months that followed, Emmett became a fully realized inventor and was working on creating a rocket car for his demonstration at the Hill Valley Expo using Einstein, who was accidentally left behind, as a test subject.

Doc's role models were scientists, as evidenced by the names of his dogs and the portraits of Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein found in his laboratory (which were on his fireplace mantle in 1955).

Emmett's father, Erhardt Von Braun, was born in Germany, but sought a better life in America.

First, they managed to acquire alcohol by switching it with the soup at the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen (which was run by Irving "Kid" Tannen) and having Edna Strickland deliver it to Emmett's house by allowing her to host the next meeting of the Stay Sober Society there.

Then they managed to steal Arthur Mc Fly's hat from Kid Tannen and had Einstein sniff it and managed to track down Arthur Mc Fly and handed him the subpoena.

Though he showed dedication to his job, he preferred Science over Law. Initially wary of the stranger, he opened up to him after the man helped him solve Ivanov's conundrum.