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Until a captain has been assigned to a ship, crew cannot be assigned to it and previously assigned crew will not be shown.Each ship may only have one captain assigned to it.

Voyages within regions earn a standard amount of experience for captains and crew depending on the kind of voyage undertaken.

The Crew Roster shows your currently recruited units on the left and a recruiting interface on the right.

You may get more information about individual captains or crew members by selecting them in the crew display.

Captains earn half the experience normal crew members do (rounded down).

Experience bonuses from Rallying Cry and Lotus Tint Spectacles stack additively, for a total of 20% bonus for the captain and each crew member.

Some high-level bar upgrades increase your chance of attracting captains with particular specialities.

These are not available until the Bowl region has been unlocked.

The farther you progress into the Wushanko Isles, the better will be the captains and crew available for hire.

Although there are free captains and crew members available, replacing them with better crew members hired using chimes and port resources will be critical to advancing through the game.

When captains and crew members gain a level, their stats are increased by 10% of their base stats.

This level boost is not affected by previous level boosts, personal bonuses, or traits.

At any given time, a ship may have only 1 captain, but may have up to 5 crew members assigned to it.

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