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The draw is South Seas island charm and a relatively slow-paced life.Moorea is ringed by a coral reef enclosing a beautiful and quite narrow lagoon.

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Lahaina, a bustling waterfront town packed with visitors from around the globe, is considered the center of Maui.An easy island to explore by car, the one coastal road is just 61 km (37 mi) long with villages, bays, churches and cafes all along the way.Or, one can explore the beautiful lagoon and bays on a small motorboat for hire.Some may describe Lahaina as tacky, with too many T-shirt vendors and not enough mom-and-pop shops, but this historic village houses some of Hawaii’s most excellent restaurants, boutiques, cafés, and galleries.If you spend Friday afternoon exploring Front Street, hang around for Art Night, when the galleries stay open late and offer entertainment along with artists demonstrating their work.Sunset cruises and other excursions depart from Lahaina Harbor.

In comparison to Kailua-Kona, Hilo is often described as "the old Hawaii." With significantly fewer visitors than residents, more historic buildings, and a much stronger identity as a long-established community, this quaint, traditional town does seem more authentic.It stretches from the banks of the Wailuku River to Hilo Bay, where a few hotels line stately Banyan Drive.The characteristic old buildings that make up Hilo's downtown have been spruced up as part of a revitalization effort.dimension: One bedroom: 967–1,007 ft² / 90–94m² including veranda Two bedroom: 1,312–1,352 ft² / 122–126m² including veranda Stately describes the Royal suite. This Pacific crossroads features museums, dazzling beaches, historic Pearl Harbor, and spectacular sunrises over Diamond Head.Then there's Lahaina on Maui, "The Valley Isle", and some say the most beautiful.Moorea is an eighth of the size of Tahiti but packs all the classic island features into its triangular shape.

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