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Nude chat symbol - pua dating site openers

Now the waiting game as you sat, horny heart in mouth, as you hoped for them to message you. You often had a dozen conversation tabs on the go at once. Oh, sorry, Lisa, no, not you, a different Lisa, honest.") At others, it was a desperate way of getting your crush to notice you. Oh, sorry Michelle, wrong convo.") The genius mind games of a horny teenager.6.

So "111" could become a smiley face and "lol" a laughing smiley.

Fun, yes, but you could use it to wind up your mates too, waiting for them to nip off to the loo before gleefully setting the kissy lips emoji to automatically send every time they tried to throw a cool, nonchalant "Hey" to that one they fancied.11.

THE FEAR OF WHO WAS REALLY READING YOUR MESSAGES on MSN Messenger only to realise that they had four of their mates sat around snickering at your teenage angst filled proclamations of affection.

Asking for their MSN name, however, was perfectly acceptable and in no way implied how much you were secretly crushing on them.

It was less invasive despite letting you talk to them more and get to know things – like their favourite songs – simply by snooping on their ever changing statuses.7.

Hitting the nudge button wouldn't just ping your mate an alert or gentle tone, instead it shook the whole sodding conversation window in dizzying fashion.

When your mate refused to answer your message – even if they'd just nipped to the loo or were grabbing a drink – that was it, 27 Nudges were heading their way every ten seconds.

Sure, Messenger also let you set your status to In a Call or Out to Lunch, but you were 13, you were just too embarrassed to chat to that one you had that awkward kiss with.4.

LOGGING IN & OUT SO YOUR CRUSH GOT A NOTIFICATIONThis Appear Offline feature had another use too.

That meant that your conversations would frequently get cut short by your mum's wails to "get off the computer, I need to phone your auntie Jill". How we in no way miss your ear-piercing connection tones and painfully slow download speeds.

The latest Whats App update for Android (2.12.441) has started rolling out to users.

Mostly by teachers discussing the biggest pricks they ever taught mind.16.