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So the issue of payment for my services is between you and him.And I suggest that you take it up with John Doe and pay me.

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Hell, he commissioned the logo, which was paid for by the organization.Worst Websites of the Year: 2012-2005 Worst Websites of 2012 Worst Websites of 2011 Worst Websites of 2010 Worst Websites of 2009 Worst Websites of 2008 Worst Websites of 2007 Worst Websites of 2006 Worst Websites of 2005 Still Sucking After All These Years: 15 Years — 15 Websites Stuck In Suck Ugliest / Worst Web Pages of the Decade Worst Web Page in the World Over-the-top Websites Gorgeous Websites From The Late 90's To Inspire You — If You Have No Taste Web Design Mistakes Overview (direct link) Biggest Mistakes in Web Design 1995-2015 Videos About Bad Web Design Stupid Versions of WPTS Home Page Original Version of WPTS Home Page 1996-1998 Architecture — An Industry With Sucky Websites God Hates Fags Is The Future of Web Design How to Write Bullshit Article Titles That Sound Profound And Get Readers Why You Can't Use Music On Your Site Chairs Are For Sitting. A friend of mine has the distinction of having many of the excuses clients use to not pay thrown at him in John Doe has acted as a representative for this organization from the beginning. If I think there's some merit to your selection, I may post it along with some commentary. If you have clients, you need to watch the FYPM video. It’s a great video that most of us can identify with.Neither the Association nor myself are going to be forced into paying something that was not authorized. Just so you know, you don’t own the copyright to the logo. I put my internet on suspension while out of town for 6 months. Finally just sent the last 0, now it’s all paid off. Talk to an operator that has no idea what he’s doing. Operator finds the issue, puts me on hold with crackly elevator music for 25 minutes, then says the issue should be fixed my noon. finally they cut my services off like 2 months later. Then I see my bill is now at 98, I Call freaking out and they tel me that’s the disconnection fee to close both my lines.

He says he has “submitted a ticket, and you should get a call soon.” No call ever comes. - call Bell to hopefully talk to someone different. I’ve let my bill get up to 0 so they threaten to shut me off by a certain date which they don’t do, so the bill keeps increasing.I haven’t upgraded my phone ever since and now i go price them out and there almost a fucking car payment, didn’t think an iphone did as many thing as a car can do, cheapest plan is 0 a month, cant get any less then 3GB plan plus a 0 money down on the iphone 7 and around 0 down for the se or 6.My dad gave me his old iphone 4s thats a good enough upgrade for me at those prices lmfao, cant believe everybody keeps lining up to get fucked by bell and apple.Upon return, I call Bell Aliant in the morning to reactive it. Day 1, morning - call Bell Aliant to reactivate the internet. They sale it should be live by midnight or the next morning. Apparently not, they’re telling me I need to pay a security deposit for each line, and I have 2. Also as compensation, offers to give me a discount on TV package (as I only have internet). I’ve never authorized them to do so, all I did was call and ask how much it would be once. So I figure hat out, and they take those charges off..I can’t wait to drop their asses My parents aren’t technologically inclined people, so it took me a couple of days to realize what the problem was.

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