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I slide up on him, three guns, fuck a dead kick Everything used on sight: that’s Craigslist My bitch will chase him down with them pumps I guess she desperate Y’all came to see Clips get Loaded: I guess that’s Netflix I still pull that piece like Jenga, let that TEC spit And put his block back in their place, oh now that’s Tetris You know what’s up with me, Beloved?If you think this battle’s anything close and you’re watchin' this You must be out your motherfuckin' mind I’m a psycho, I ain’t even got it all in my motherfuckin' mind I’ll run up in your mother’s crib with a knife Like, "Fuck a motherfuckin' 9!

I could care less if Cam gave you cash for flights, unless you have the lights Nigga, you coulda been Channing Tatum in flashy tights Your career wouldn’t take off if you was Magic Mike Oh, this is an embarrassin' night Look at your savior, up here gettin' yo' ass beat, nigga Don’t you ever throw rocks at the sun, you can’t reach it, nigga [Round 2: Charlie Clips] One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish Knick knack, patty whack, give a dog a bone Two thousand, double zero, party oops, out of time My bacon is smelling fine Every time you talk, that’s what we hear We got a Muslim that eat pork, Allah, the end is near Watch how I break this nigga down for half a round And won’t even let the TEC spark If y’all saw my battle against Jones Well, shit, y’all noticed the round where I stretch marks Do you know I actually tie my shoe in a perfect knot So the world wouldn’t see my sneaker slidin'? Ah, that’s just a nugget You know your boy Loaded need to eat I’ma need more chickens just like a bucket Oh, I’m doin' this shit for the love, I ain’t doin' this for the vulture I’m doin' this for me, this thing is for the culture.” Mmm, oh my god, stop fucking lying!

” He said “Harlem Hospital givin' beds out, that will work, whatever.” But the hole so big Harlem Hospital and Presbyterian gotta work together I know y’all was scared to bet on Charlie ‘Cause y’all ain’t know what kind of Clips y’all would get today Funeral thoughts, I got a box on my mind You think I’m kiddin', play My brother want to shoot the shit out you But I don’t really need for his SIG to spray You know how many niggas I will smith by myself?

This Independence Day I need to talk to you, Beloved, tell the world how you started my career, I mean go ahead and floss, nigga But it don’t matter right now ‘Cause Smack is both of our boss, nigga So you can go ahead with all that bullshit I’d advise you to go and floss, nigga And we ain’t seen your son since the video on BET Let me find out that you’re becomin' a lost nigga [Round 2: Loaded Lux] And now for my second trick You’re the first battle rapper with a 360 deal, nigga I’m not guessin' this, we got references Ever since you let this hairy nigga play J. Wentworth I watched when your whole worth went Into a small-structured settlement Eight battles for 50,000 dollars, my nigga? No disrespect if you like hard work or some extra shit But if you’re gonna rap, then rap, nigga Don’t be in blogs actin' like the moves you’re makin' is so executive I’m not impressed with it You sign major-ass deals, but Goodz still gotta help you and drive you to all of your press events And all he got to show for is a bottle with that brown drink Half a gallon Goodz ain’t even got a half a gallon in the tank You know I’m the only battle rapper out here Breakin' the bank, nigga, he don’t like hearin' that Nothin' you kick wavy, nigga I don’t even know why you’re wearin' that These type of niggas, they’re for y’all that like that show on stars Nah, I’m into authentic power Well, in the hour you ain’t gotta act like 50 Cent ain’t enough So disrespect, you’ll allow it How you talkin' principle shit?

It’s time, Smack, why your fake shooter always worried about the shot clock?

This stopwatch-ass nigga You probably rather a laptop over them backshots Your flabby bag ain’t built to last You get in, pull the trigger fast That’s black ass, not Black Ops – you’re confused, nigga You Charlie Clip, I’m Fully Loaded You ain’t even a trailer in my movies, snapshot Ain’t no future in frontin', backdrop You’re in here with the main attraction, mascot Yo' lookin' ass wasn’t even good cash up in Ash twat You spent all that time at the slots and can never hit the jackpot Charlie Clips gettin' them chips again Last bet, what happened?

" was the question But then I realized it’s not a disease It’s God, and I will no longer play with my blessin' Ah, Beloved, you had the world But after the Calicoe battle it seems like you been gettin' demoted How ironic, you wanted Murda and you got murdered But I don’t want to hear that you wasn’t devoted ‘Cause every battle rapper in this building wanted to be Lux Oh, but never did Charlie, nigga, you know it I tried to take a Hollow out in front of you, Smack What makes you think Clips wanna be Loaded? Nigga, you’ve been confused since about ‘83 Yeah, you’re right, you was Rich Porter And then a Black Panther, and in your next battle you may be me Now, when you came up with that slogan “You’re gon’ get this work,” that sent chills down my spine, that shit was crazy, B But the work you give out don’t last that long Nigga, you’re the temp agency You left battle rap and I held us down But y’all quick to welcome him home without a doormat Ayy, what his resume look like? We don’t condone that You lost to Mook and Hollow O-Red got a better resume than you, nigga And now we know that, so it’s like Fabolous spellin' his name ‘Cause you should be where O at I’m killin' scrap, right now it’s a nigga paralyzed Watchin' the pay-per-view like “Oh, I’m feelin' that.” I conceal a gat, I don’t care how much holmes improvin' I put this hammer to where his ceiling at One look big and the other one sound big That’s Shyne featuring Guerilla Black – bllaa, ba, bap!

Blow his socks on his head, it’s lookin' like Chilla hat Yes, dude is back For y’all who don’t understand what I’m sayin' it’s Mr.I figured that was a ploy to find out where the paperwork is Which woulda been smart ‘Cause you know, you don’t want that to maybe resurface What happens when rehearsin' bein' dangerous Ain’t workin' could lead to hearsin'?See, what happens when niggas rappin' Get caught fakin' in their verses? So you don’t mind that I brought the homie Faybach?Okay, y’all, this nigga trippin' Nigga, listen, I know we’re black brothers Both successful, but I’m on a bigger mission Roy Rogers and Popeyes Our skin may look the same, but the chicken different Do y’all remember when I turned to Shang Tsung at NOME 5 And the crowd went crazy, and it even left Hollow a little rattled?We’ll I’m back with the same powers, but now I got one when I can turn into niggas that I ain’t even battle Another 5’9” nigga with a death wish Bakin' his egg with this toast from the side, who want breakfast?Pull up sharp when I come out to rock like Arthur the King You 'bout to pop, I hope you read every comment they leave For every man your mother picked to be a father to breed We know about Nut, your little brother Jiggy Josh is his seed Let’s give it up, see this is what the audience need ‘Cause y’all be stuck, y’all don’t know what Charles to believe But I know Chuck, the one who wear his heart on his sleeves That shit was rough, I’m watchin' you and Hollow How low you’re depictin' Harlem on screen You dissin' friends, then whisperin' Like y’all was a team and that was a part of the scheme I watched you air out a nigga dirty laundry To make sure it get cleaned That’s the same thing your pops when he got indicted tried Talkin' like he fightin' crime Agreement got ripped up when he tried to tell 'em "Sike I lied" But that’s why he got life inside, pardon my steam But Dad makin' us look bad, I can’t honor that, King I don’t know about grandpops, but I know it starts with the genes And DNA got me wishin' we could lift Your Lennox apartment to Queens But wait, that’s still New York, but all that just means Is that the apple don't fall too far from the tree You and yo' punk-ass daddy a couple of chatty patties Actin' catty, “meow” Math was swingin', you was standin' there playin' catty I thought you was a killer, Charles: Lee Ray I thought Chucky wasn’t no joke, he just think he Deray You might be a DJ way you turn on niggas in the jam you with You switched on Cor and Chambers After you let their man get whipped – damn it, Clips!