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Well placed as a Paleoamerican." Morphologically, Naia does not look like a contemporary Native American, but mitochondrial DNA testing -- maternally inherited DNA -- carried out by Brian Kemp, Washington State University, and his collaborators shows that she has a D1 haplotype.

To build the case for a late Pleistocene age they collaborated with Yemane Asmerom and Victor Polyak from the University of New Mexico using global sea level rise data to determine when the cave system, which at the time Naia and the extinct animals entered was dry, filled with water.The Powwow will feature traditional artisans, dance, music, and food.The dancers, drummers, singers, and craft vendors represent more than 175 tribes from across the United States and Canada. Much has changed in the years since the first American Indian Center Chicago Powwow.The site where Naia lies is now 130 feet below sea level and sea level rise would have raised the groundwater level in the cave system and submerged everything between 9,700 and 10,200 years ago.So initial estimates of the latest that animals and humans could have walked into the cave system was 9,700 years ago."What we have here is the unique combination of an adolescent Paleoamerican skeleton with a Native American DNA haplotype." The skeleton of a teenage girl was found in Hoyo Negro, a deeply submerged chamber in the Sac Actun cave system in the eastern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Alberto Nava Blank and a team of science divers discovered the skeleton along with many extinct animal remains deep inside this inundated cave in 2007. The Hoyo Negro project is led by Pilar Luna and the Instituto Nacional de postdoctoral fellow in anthropology, Penn State, were originally asked to directly date the skeleton.At the same time, the researchers experimented with uranium thorium dating the skeleton directly.Asmerom and Polyak tried to directly date Naia's teeth using this method, but that also did not work well.Food vending will be available for those of you looking to get your fill of Indian tacos.For those of you looking to buy a pair of Native made earrings or jewelry, Native artists and vendors will be on site.Admission: – Adults – Elders and Kids (6-12) Free – Kids 6 and under Hours: Dancer/Drum Registration – 10 am to 11 am Grand Entry a.m. For Elders and Mentors, now is the time to school the younger generation on protocol, songs, and dance steps.