My home page is not updating

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My home page is not updating - dating quench up

In this thread, Refreshing Web Appbuilder Stan Mc Shinsky asks how to refresh WAB.His conclusion was to edit that last few lines of the main file to reflect this: In this thread, Automate Cache Clearing - Web App Builder Sam Libby linked back to a stacked overflow post that mentions how to 'control web page caching' here:http - How to control web page caching, across all browsers?

Note that the icon only appears when you visit a page that uses automatic refreshing.- Stack Overflow This sounds like a good answer but I am not sure how to make the changes suggested in the SO post.There are many ways to "set" the change (including using PHP, node.js, ASP, Ruby, etc etc) but I am not skilled enough to know what change I need to make in my app.This will reload the page and allow the new version to show up.Another common issue you may be experiences is a bad configuration of the cache plugin you’re using for Word Press.If the internet light on your Sky Hub or Sky router is flashing, but you can't see any web pages, then you need to check your web browser settings.

To check your browser's connection settings, follow the instructions below for the latest versions of the four most common browsers.

Examples include pages that have live reports on sports events or election results.

This can be frustrating if the text is updating faster than you can read a particular section -- especially if the information is important to your company.

This is especially true with Google Chrome, which will show you a cached copy of your website instead of the updated version.

If you want to remedy this issue, just click CTRL F5 or for MAC users Cmd R.

You can still see the post in the single post view, but for some reason it won’t show up on your actually homepage.