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The attorney general said his office will look at other Internet service providers that may have similar problems.

And now the cherry on top of it all is that no matter how many times I log out and log back in, I STILL get an error message telling me I should try logging back in again so that I can use the app at all.I literally can’t bring myself to give it more than one star because this is such a stupid issue and it shouldn’t even be happening.First it was not being able to see any content because EVERYTHING was flanged as NSFW and hidden - even completely unrelated posts that had no nudity, sex, implying themes, etc!I think someone is talking to me through IM and it’s just that someone liked a post that isn’t even mine or it’s 99 notifications in the app through the messaging system icon but it’s actually just all of the activity I’m being notified of that I don’t care about.I’ve only seen that one other person has been having this issue that I know of so I don’t know how the update messed it up so that only some people’s app does this and for others it’s fine but it’s so frustrating and annoying.I have been on tumblr for many years, and I have never complained about an update, but this app is flat out UNUSABLE. Staff doesn't do much about porn and spam bots in the site, which is unfair to sex workers.

Bullying on the site is rampant and nothing can be done about it, plus ads left and right are annoying.Miss Shi, a native of Beijing who graduated from Ohio University with a degree in computer science, is seeking financial as well as punitive damages.Her profile stated that ‘she is passionate about supporting women’ and ‘she actively mentors other women engineers’.In a statement, spokeswoman Mary Osako said Yahoo will also enhance online users' safety by restricting Yahoo Chat to users 18 and older and removing the Teen category.New York and Nebraska began their investigations this year after learning that children had unfettered access to adult chat rooms.16-24 yr olds are the main user base, we hate ads, are extremely jaded and do whatever we can to block them therefore dropping tumblr revenue.