Midsummer eve dating site

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Midsummer eve dating site

There is the Hove Festivalen, possibly the only major music festival in the world where you can bring your own boat; the mellower Skral festival; bluegrass at Risor.And on my last evening, in another white-painted town just down the coast, they are celebrating the Lillesand Days.

And it was in Norway that I found myself, on 22 June – the eve of the eve – wondering where the party was.

And then we greet midnight on an island shore, surrounded by Norwegians from across the globe, glowing in their summer idyll. Drinks in the Apotekergarden, a restaurant and club staffed and owned by young Grimstaders looking for a way to remain throughout the year. I've barely closed my eyes before it all starts again.

St Hans is just the beginning of the long nights of summer in Sorlandet.

Instead, neighbours wave across the waves and exchange shouted fragments of news; with children and children of children returning to Grimstad for the first visit of summer, it's all gossip on the high seas.

Competition over, the flotilla departs the shore for Hampholmen island, where people are already setting up deckchairs and grills for the evening barbecue. " exclaim the elders on the Osteroy, before turning back to shore early to join more sedate celebrations in town.

Keen to support my research, however, I've been adopted by some of the younger passengers, who have planned a brief vorspeil pitstop on dry land.

A few polser (hotdogs) and beers later and we're speeding back out to the archipelago, to where a towering inferno roars heavenwards from the middle of the sea. Across Norway fires blaze into the midsummer night, on mountain peaks and all along the shore.Poetically, Midsummer's Eve begins in flowers and ends in fire.Well, more accurately, the flowers come after a lot of coffee, which the locals drink by the bucketload.The aroma of fresh coffee wafts through the morning stillness; in the kitchen, his father reads the paper. My hypothesis seems sound, but begs another question. "We sleep during winter." Traveller's Guide Getting there The closest airport is Kristiansand, which is around 30 miles south of Grimstad.I saw this man, a respected local official, enjoying the music only hours ago. Norwegian (020-8099 7254; flies there from Edinburgh.Judging from the turnout, this jazz, blues and country concert series is just another excuse for the entire community to drink together under midsummer skies.

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