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Among hundreds of dating apps, Bumble, which launched in 2014, is unique.Once a couple matches (through a swipe function similar to Tinder's), women must message within 24 hours or lose the match. Up until now, men had "essentially forever" to do so, says Wolfe.

Currently, tbh is only available in Florida, Washington, Texas, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia and Indiana.It also helps prevent aggressive and demeaning messages that litter the web on accounts like @tindernightmares.But ironically, Bumble says in allowing men unlimited time to consider messaging, it wasn't an equal playing field.A number of apps like Yik Yak and Sarahah have shed light on the issue of anonymity granted to social media users that often results in cyberbullying.But while some of those apps were plagued by an influx of online harassment, a new anonymous app called “tbh,” short for “to be honest,” has shot to the top of Apple’s App Store and aims to keep the conversation positive.The app has been lauded for its focus on positivity, according to reviews in the App Store.

Some users have also offered modifications, like allowing names to be written in for questions if a certain friend doesn’t pop up in the section offered for each question.

Additionally, direct messages are not available on the app yet, but developers are considering it as an option in the future.

Tbh functions more like a game than other anonymous apps, with a clear structure and set time limit for responses.

“We built tbh because we believe that social networks should make us feel better about ourselves — not worse,” the company behind the app wrote on its website.

As the app continues to grow in popularity, here’s what you need to know.

In tbh, the phrasing and language in the descriptions of personality traits and characteristics assigned to people is developed by the company behind the app, rather than the users.

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    All in all, I probably spoke to about 25 different people.