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Mensex chat - age gaps in dating relationships

This could cause abnormalities in a child conceived soon after pelvic radiotherapy.Radiotherapy to both testes is rarely used in cancer treatment but can lead to a temporary or permanent inability to father children (sterility).

This is because sperm produced so soon after treatment might still be fertile but could be damaged.

Men both above and below the legal age may marry child brides.

More than a quarter of Indian women between 20 and 24 said they were married before 18, and a fifth of men between 25 and 29 said they married below the legal age, the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights and the charity Young Lives said in a recent report analysing the census data.

You only need to do this for the first month after treatment.

This is in case a radiotherapy seed gets misplaced and comes out in the semen but this is very unlikely to happen.

The number of underage brides has declined 0.3 percent in rural areas since 2001, but in urban areas it increased 0.7 percent, the report said.

The study, the first to break down India's census data on child marriage, found that nearly one in four girls in rural areas and one in five in urban areas married before 18.The Supreme Court ruled the age of consent was 18 for 'all purposes' after hearing a petition by Independent Thought, a non-profit group that sought to criminalise sex with underaged wives.'Sexual intercourse by a married man with their minor wife below 18 years is rape,' the court said in its judgment, which was welcomed by women's rights campaigners.'I am very happy with the supreme court judgment,' Vikram Srivastava, a lawyer for Independent Thought, told Reuters.'The judgment gives a boost to the national campaign of "Beti bachao and beti padhao,"' he added, using a Hindi phrase meaning, 'Save the girl child and educate the girl child'.The additional solicitor general, PS Narasimha, who represented the government, declined to comment.Today's verdict would not be applied retrospectively, however, said the court, which based its conclusions on India's Child Marriage Prohibition Act.Though illegal, child marriage is deeply rooted in India.Radiotherapy to your pelvic area can cause erection problems by affecting the nerves in that area. Some medicines or medical devices can help you to get an erection if you have problems after radiotherapy.

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