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He lives in a news reality where like there’s a left wing militia that’s like organizing the overthrow of the state.

This was an Antifa plot.” Like, they’re kind of like constantly…It’s like one of the menaces that they’re sure is always about to show up at their door.ALEX GOLDMAN: So, this tweet is in reference to something that has that sort of spun out over the course of the past couple of months.ALEX BLUMBERG: So, allegedly, this, this- this sentence that is just the word buffalo eight times is an actual grammatically correct sentence about bison from New York swindling other bison from New York. And they’re- they grow up in the castle together in the happy land, but then their parents go off on a voyage, and then their ship wrecks, and they die.And then the one with the powers is like, can’t, um, isn’t allowed to hang out with the one without powers.ALEX GOLDMAN: Antifa is basically a loose coalition of groups around the country that tend to show up at protests wearing all black, sometimes holding shields, often covering their faces with masks or bandanas.

And the thing that sets them apart from most protesters is that some of them are willing to be violent.

But it caught the eye of this conservative Youtuber named Jordan Peltz.

He posted this Youtube video that was called, “Antifa Has to Go! ALEX GOLDMAN: And so Jordan’s video is all about this November 4 protests.

The Trump Pence regime must go.” And basically, he says he wants to take to the streets in cities across the U. and continue protesting until the Trump administration is removed from power.

ALEX GOLDMAN: And this massive protest he called for probably would have come and gone, and no one would have noticed it.

We solve some unsolved mysteries, call up some of our favorite people, and answer questions about stories listeners are still wondering about. More Welcome once again to Yes Yes No, the segment on our show where our boss, Alex Bloomberg – who, you know, he’s aging out of being with it and hip – comes to us and says, “I don’t really get what’s going on on this thing on the Internet.” And then we explain it to him.