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If you see these signs in your child or teen, talk to his or her doctor.Eighty percent of patients seen at Mayo Clinic are from Minnesota or one of the adjoining states, and Medicare covers approximately 40 percent of our internal medicine patients.

Continuity clinics are organized in "firms" that function as a group practice composed of other residents and a group of dedicated faculty.

Residents do not compete with fellows for patients or procedures.

Fellows are not present on most of the resident teaching services.

The primary purpose of the Internal Medicine Residency is education, and the focus of learning is embedded in the care of patients.

Interns and residents are the primary physicians for their patients.

Be aware that some research has shown that teens in single-parent households have a higher risk of depression and lower self-esteem.

Signs and symptoms of depression may include social isolation; feeling sad, alone or unloved; disliking one’s looks; irritability; and a sense of hopelessness.Rochester, Minnesota, has one of the most diverse immigrant populations in the nation with large concentrations of people from Southeast Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.The majority of patients seen by residents have the common conditions and illnesses encountered in internal medicine.It's better known as a breakup, and no matter who you are, it's hard to deal with.Even though she thought this was the guy of her dreams, it didn't work out and your girlfriend is left feeling sad and lonely.On select subspecialty services, such as hematology or CCU, fellows are also part of the care team, where they play an important teaching role and often supervise trainees.

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